Geographic Information Systems for Data-Driven Store Reopening Plans from ESRI

You’ve seen the worldwide maps with red bubbles of outbreaks; that is ESRI’s tracking and technology at work. ESRI is in the thick of the fight against COVID-19 working with Johns Hopkins University to create and maintain their country-by-country coronavirus tracking platform.

If you’d like access to their data and platform, ESRI, is making this available to GRMA’s C-Suite Community.

This critical information could help you as you model and sequence your store/office reopening plans. Here is a brief description of Esri, their homepage link and two links to their special COVID-19 offering: 1) Business Continuity and 2) Disaster

To reach ESRI directly, you may contact Gary Sankary:

GRMA will continue to update you in the coming days as we learn about more solutions that can benefit our CMO/C-Suite community during the COVID-19 crisis. If you have a specific request for help, please email me directly at so we can be a resource in gathering critical information and solutions for you.

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Stephanie Fischer
President and CEO, GRMA

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