Inventory and Expense Relief from Evergreen Trading

Evergreen Trading is helping companies with immediate COVID-19 needs. Here’s a few highlights of relevant programs:

  • Gift Card Program: ET purchases gift cards at full face value.  We subsequently sell the gift cards to the consumer at a ~25% discount to the consumer via Groupon and other apps.  This is a great program to get cards into the hands of consumers and drive some ecommerce, delivery and take away business.  We are currently doing this program with a casual dining client with great success.
  • Media Commitment relief:  Many companies are shifting or canceling media commitments.  At times, the media vendors will not let the advertiser out of the commitment.  Evergreen Trading will purchase out the commitment from the advertiser. We can also do this for sponsorships or other financial commitments.
  • Food Product: With the significant impact of closing restaurants, there is quite a bit of product that will shortly become dated or out of code.  Evergreen Trading will purchase this product at their full cost.  We have food banks and prison systems coming to us looking for excess product to purchase.
  • Inventory:  We have seen and heard that many DC’s are becoming backlogged with inventory.  Evergreen Trading can purchase this inventory and immediately move it out of their DC’s.

If you’d like an introduction to Evergreen Trading email us at

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