eCommerce Trends & Tactics during Covid-19 from Attentive

 Tips & Resources for Brand Communications During COVID-19 

Attentive® is a personalized text messaging platform that works with over 1,000 leading brands—including many of the top online retailers in the world—generating billions of dollars in online sales. To better help marketers execute business strategies during this unprecedented time, we’ve been closely monitoring the effects of COVID-19, and we feel it is important to gather and share analytic insights from our data through our COVID-19: E-Commerce Trends & Tactics microsite—as well as provide actionable tips. 

1. Be flexible and adapt to the changing environment 

Marketers spend a lot of time thoughtfully planning out campaigns in advance. But when priorities shift, it’s important to be flexible and adapt. Take a look at your data to see if there is an opportunity to shift your communications to focus on different products or offerings. For example, we’ve seen our customers who are in the home furnishings & decor vertical highlight products that can help subscribers create a better “work from home” space—considering we’re all spending the majority of our time at home. 

Your communication doesn’t have to directly address the crisis—but no matter how you’re communicating, it should remain authentic to how your brand normally connects with your audience. For more examples of how brands are communicating with their subscribers, head to Attentive’s COVID-19: E-Commerce Trends & Tactics microsite. 

2. Show appreciation toward your existing loyal customers 

It’s important to consider how you can help your customers navigate through this crisis, too. Think about who they are and what they might be feeling—are they looking for deals? Are they primarily in the market for essential items? Or do they need a distraction in the form of self-care or non-essential purchases? By understanding their emotions and perspective, you can communicate with them in a way that’s helpful and relevant—and show them that you truly care. 

3. Plan for post-COVID-19 initiatives 

What can your business do now that will help you prepare for when this crisis has passed? Attentive has seen many of our customers focusing on loyalty initiatives with their existing audience to continue building relationships with them. We’ve also seen many businesses focus on growing a list of text messaging subscribers so when it comes time to announce a new collection for spring or the reopening of your stores, they have an effective and immediate way to reach their audience who want to hear from their brand the most. 

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