Flex Your Workforce During the Crisis with Advantage Solutions

Following is a list of solutions that Advantage has been executing for retailers since COVID-19 hit along with additional relevant capabilities that can be provided should there be an interest/need.

  1. Labor Needs:
    1. For those who have a workforce of hourly furloughed employees: We have a large number of openings for merchandising work in grocery, mass and club stores as we are experiencing a temporary but high surge need to service the stores to keep product on the shelves. We welcome the opportunity to help get some of your people back to work while they await their normal roles to return to work.

Please note – we are not looking to keep these employees long-term and the hope would be to have them to return to your firm once COVID-19 settles and stores/companies re-open.

    1. For those in need of hiring in-store labor:  We may be able to help you save on the costs of recruitment, hiring, onboarding, training, deployment and benefits. We have also factored paid sick leave into our fee structure, given the current and evolving labor dynamic.

We have tens of thousands of associates throughout the country who are actively engaged in retailer and brand support, with expertise in merchandising, display building, audit services, inventory management, planogram compliance and sanitization services, and as such have a team of over 200 remote recruitment specialists adept at rapid recruitment, hiring, training, deployment and retention of associates experienced in in-store operations and customer engagement.

  1. Customer Service Call Center Support – We can help you manage the increased volume of inquiries coming in to your call center
  2. Alternative Methods for Customer Engagement:
    1. Local Store Social Media Ambassadors
    2. Livestream Events/Demonstrations
    3. Pre-recorded Digital Demonstrations
    4. Virtual Advisors: Customers can engage with a trained advisor via SMS Text or on Retailer’s website
    5. E-Commerce Sampling: We can have samples or collateral (lit cards, brochures, magazines) included in E-Commerce order packages across hundreds of well-known E-Comm sites
  3.          *As E-Commerce purchasing is projected to increase during social distancing, this could be especially valuable to our apparel partners in GRMA to reach potential consumers at scale with their catalogues or special discount coupons
  4. Augmented Reality Solutions to provide alternative shopping experiences during social distancing period


And in case a brief overview of who we are would be helpful….

Advantage Solutions is an outsourced sales and marketing solutions provider employing 80,000 people in the U.S., servicing many of the world’s largest consumer goods manufacturers and retailers. Advantage’s technology-enabled sales and marketing solutions — including headquarter sales, retail merchandising, business intelligence and a full suite of marketing and technology services — help manufacturers and retailers across channels drive consumer demand, increase sales and achieve operating efficiencies.





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