Intent-Based Targeting Solutions with Navistone

NaviStone offers a unique oppty for all Brands during these unprecedented times. Following is a quick snapshot on how we can help.

NaviStone can match abandoned site visitors to their postal name and address.   This allows for a retargeting solution via the high response channel of direct mail.

Because we have the browsing data, we know what categories are of interest, can determine if the consumer is a prospect or a lapsed/active buyer and score the browsing behavior to determine the propensity to convert.     We typically, mail a postcard within 24 hours via 1st class mail to remain top of mind for the consumer.

We see a 4-6% conversion rate on prospects and almost double that for reactivation.

In this time where a lot of brick and mortar retail are closing, there is more of a reliance on the ecommerce side of the business and wanting to stay in front of those consumers who have intent,  the NaviStone solution allows for the Brand to capitalize on the abandoned browsers and keep in communication with them through the buyers journey.    Whether the communication is an offer, a positioning on COVID-19, a status on their inventory/supply chain or other.

Some Brands, like Patagonia have shut down their ecommerce operations.  For these companies, we can still get a message out immediately (leverage recency to keep the brand top of mind) or/and hold the audience records until the company is back and reading to ship.  Other companies, are needing their ecommerce side to make up for lost store traffic/sales.

For Fin/Serv, Consumer Services and other, we help bring down the cost per lead by understanding who is on the site, match to postal name/address and help get communication out asap.

For more information visit or contact Angie Arnspiger at

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