Blend360 is effectively enabling its clients to grow their business using an approach based on “build, operate and transfer (BOT).”  Working as an extension of a client’s existing staff, Blend360 creates customized solutions optimizing the client’s own data related resources, encompassing data engineering, data strategy, analytics, BI, ML, NLP, AI, segmentation, modeling, media measurement and more. Clients then have the option of managing the solution internally or continuing to retain Blend360 to support them.  .

Especially important during this post pandemic period, companies have massive amounts of data to analyze and glean relevant insights from, and not enough experienced people to do that work (due in part to “The Great Resignation”/”The Great Quit”). Blend360 is providing data led surge capacity for its clients. Clients have made it known that they cannot afford to wait until they can hire someone internally, to help them unlock the value of the data they have access to TODAY.

In addition, while Blend360’s Data Science and Customer Experience Solutions team provides the top-level data support clients need to keep all things data science related moving forward, Blend360’s Talent Solutions team also can find the right candidates needed, to fill internal roles that are open.

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