John Glennon, SVP Sales & Business Development, Vibes

John Glennon

Having spent two decades in mobile marketing through Europe and North America, John is one of the industry’s top experts. John heads up sales and business development for Vibes. Over the last decade and a half, he has run thousands of campaigns across dozens of countries, with everything from the first ever CPG on pack mobile campaign (Kit-Kat UK), through Jay-Z text to screen in concert and just about every ringtone, video and social networking integration known to man under his belt. Now he is helping brands like Chipotle drive their fans into restaurants – millions at a time per campaign.

What John loves most about mobile is SMS’ ability to act as the true mobile workhorse in the marketplace. Even with all the innovation in mobile, SMS remains the true engine, powering a car with an ever-changing vehicle body


Provider Information

300 W Adams St., 7th Fl
Chicago, IL 60606
Phone: 415-910-0060

The Vibes Mobile Engagement Platform enables marketers to deliver compelling and profitable mobile engagement conversations—all through a single interface. By being the leader in mobile marketing for over 20 years, Vibes has partnered with more than 150 global brands, including Gap, Amazon, Discover, The Home Depot, Chipotle and Lane Bryant, to run sophisticated mobile marketing campaigns across SMS, MMS, mobile wallet, push notifications and other messaging channels.

Vibes is recognized as one of only four Tier 1 aggregators by the The Common Short Code Administration (CSCA). For additional information, visit